Frequently Asked Questions

Ready Set Grow is always available to answer any questions you may have. Below are the most frequently asked questions with answers about our school. If you have any questions that are not addressed here, please use our contact form or call us at 614-855-5100.


What are your hours?

Ready Set Grow is open 7:00am- 6:00pm, Monday-Friday.

Will I be penalized for picking up my child after 6:00pm?

A late fee of $20.00 per five-minute increment is charged when children are picked up more than five minutes after 6:00pm. This fee is typically not applies the first time a child is picked up late and may be waived at administrator's discretion.

How late can I drop off my child in the morning?

Children may arrive at any time. Planned classroom curriculum usually begins around 8:30am-9:00am, depending on the classroom, and, to receive the greatest benefit from the program, we recommend children arrive by that time.

Are you closed for holidays or any other days?

Ready Set Grow is closed on the following days annually in observance of holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the Friday following, Christmas and the day before or after. We are also closed two days each year for Professional Development Days for our staff. An annual calendar is provided to families to make note of these closures.

How can I schedule a visit to your facility?

Call us at 614.855.5100 or email; we'll be happy to schedule a visit at a time convenient for you.


How does your tuition compare to other area centers?

It is an important value of our owner to make high quality early care and education affordable and accessible to as many families as possible. Therefore, our tuition is lower than other area centers.

When is the tuition due?

Tuition is paid weekly and due on Monday. A monthly automatic credit card debit is available and due the first week of each month.

Why do you charge an annual supply fee?

The supply fee is charged annually to cover the cost of consumable supplies for the year. Families who begin after our August "start date" will have the supply fee pro-rated.

Does the supply fee apply to infants?

The supply fee is charged for every child, including infants. Infant consumable supplies include changing table paper, extra wipes, bibs and other infant materials.

When we take a vacation or when our child is sick do we still have to pay tuition?

Tuition is charged regardless of absence, whether for vacation or illness. Because we are guaranteeing your child's space during the absence, our costs remain the same. In the event of an extended illness, or other extreme event, tuition alternatives may be arranged at the discretion of the administrator.

Do you have a sibling discount, other discounts or scholarships for families?

We offer a sibling discount equal to 5% reduction of the oldest child's (or the lesser) tuition. No other discounts or scholarships are offered at this time.

Do you accept publicly funded child care (Title XX)?

We do not at this time.


Is the registration fee applied to each child or just to the family?

The non-refundable $150 registration fee is applied to each enrolling child.

Do you offer part-time enrollment?

We have limited availability for part-time enrollment in each of our classrooms, excluding infant rooms. Part-time enrollment is available as Tuesday/ Thursday and Monday/Wednesday/ Friday options only. Part-time enrollment is not guaranteed as they are dependent on availability in each classroom.

Can I change my schedule after I enroll?

Once enrolled, a Schedule Change Request must be given to the administrator for approval if a change in schedule is needed. Schedule changes are not guaranteed as they are dependent on availability in each classroom.

May my child be enrolled for the school year only and not during the summer?

Our early care and education program for children infant through pre-k is a year-round program. We do not offer a school year only option except in our Before and After School Program for school age students. A younger child may be withdrawn for the summer and re-enroll for the fall, however, space is not guaranteed.

What do I do if I need to withdrawal my child?

If you should have to leave us, we require a two-week written notice of withdrawal. A form is available for your convenience in the office.

Do you have an expulsion policy?

A family may be asked to withdraw from the program for non-payment. It is our goal to help every child be successful in our program and we work closely with families to make this happen. Very occasionally, we agree our program is not the best fit for a child and will work with a family to make a better placement. This is a unique, individual decision not based in a specific expulsion policy.

What supplies do I need to bring?

Infants and toddlers must bring diapers, diaper wipes and other related materials, as well as bottles and food (if not purchasing lunch). Toddlers and preschoolers must bring any desired naptime materials and all children must be supplied with extra clothes for a variety of accidents.

Are you equipped to enroll a child with special needs?

We strive to serve all children regardless of special needs or handicapping conditions. We work closely with families and other service providers to ensure a successful experience for each child. Our facility, including our playgrounds, is handicapped accessible.

How can I learn more about enrolling my child?

Call us at 614.855.5100 or email; we'll be happy to answer your questions and get you started in the enrollment process.

Safety and Security

What security features are in place?

Each of our buildings is equipped with a keypad entry system so only those with an entry code have immediate access. Cameras and on-site administrators allow us to monitor the front entry.

How are children kept safe and secure on the playground?

Two staff accompany all groups outside to the playground and re-entry access can only be gained with an entry code. Cameras allow administrators to monitor the playground areas.

Do you have safety drills?

We are compliant with ODJFS Child Care Licensing Rules which mandate monthly fire drills, monthly tornado drill, monthly tornado drills March-September, and quarterly lockdown drills. These procedures are also reviewed with staff at least annually.

How do you handle emergencies?

Because each situation is unique, we have a comprehensive Emergency and Disaster Plan which guides the process for a variety of common, and less common, situations. This plan is reviewed annually.

Will you alert parents if there is an emergency?

An essential part of our Emergency and Disaster Plan is communication with parents. If a medical emergency has occurred with a child, we will alert parents just as soon as emergency first aid has been started and 911 is called. For an emergency affecting the whole program, once we are able, we will send messages to parents via email, text message, our daily app, and/or telephone. If necessary, we will use community or governmental authorities for help with communications.

Who can pick up my child?

Only persons you have listed on your Authorized Release form or you have authorized in writing to an administrator may pick up your child. Staff will check photo ID before releasing a child to a person they have not previously met.

Can I visit my child at any time?

We enjoy having our families involved! All enrolled families are welcome to visit their child or participate in their child's classroom activities at any time.


What happens if my child gets sick?

Ready Set Grow staff monitors children for symptoms of illness and will report anything out of the ordinary to you. Certain signs and symptoms of illness can be monitored here while others may result in a call to pick up your child for more care at home or seek medical attention. Your ill child will be cared for and made comfortable by staff until you arrive.

Is anyone on staff trained in First Aid?

Many staff are trained in First Aid, CPR and Recognition and Prevention of Communicable Diseases.

What if my child has allergies or other medical conditions?

During the enrollment process, or anytime a condition is discovered, an administrator will help you write a Medical Care Plan and train staff to observe for signs and symptoms, and administer medication if necessary,

Are all students immunized?

We require all children to be immunized as appropriate for their age unless there is a documented medical reason for an alternative immunization schedule.


What meals and snacks are served?

We provide a morning and afternoon snack at no additional charge. Catered hot lunches are available for purchase.

Can I pack my child's lunch every day?

Families have the choice to pack every day, purchase a catered hot lunch, or do a combination throughout the month.

How is lunch served?

We value a relaxed meal time where children and staff can engage in conversation just like a family dining table. Children who pack and children who purchase lunch all eat together in small table groups. As children are able, they help with table-setting, serving, pouring milk, and cleaning up after the meal.


Is there a dress code for my child?

Children do not have a dress code, however, we prefer they be prepared for messy play and dress appropriately for outside weather as we go to the playground every day if we are able. Sturdy shoes made for active play keep little feet and ankles safe and secure.

Is my child video-recorded during the day?

Our cameras are used in the front and back of the building for security purposes only. We do not have classroom cameras or video-record children other than for curriculum documentation provided to you.

Do you hold infants during feeding?

Infants are held by staff during bottle feeding. Some older infants like to hold their own bottle when in the feeding chair during meal times.

How much time do infants spend in their cribs?

Infants are in their cribs exclusively for nap times. When they are awake, they are in the play area or feeding area interacting with staff and friends.

Can my child wear cloth diapers?

Unfortunately, our facility is not equipped to follow the child care licensing rules for sanitary handling of cloth diapers. All children must wear disposable diapers at the center.

How do you handle toilet training?

Toilet Training is a rather momentous occasion for most children and families. Our staff will work with each family to determine the right time for toilet training at home and at school. We approach toilet training in a relaxed manner, following children's lead, and allowing them time to progress at their own pace.

Does my child have to be toilet trained to go to preschool?

No, children move to preschool based on age alone. Children develop at their own unique pace and not all children are completely toilet trained by the age of three. Our preschool staff will continue to help children as they process to full toilet trained.

Do you take field trips?

Only our school-age programs take regular field trips. All field trips are announced well in advance and permission is required from each parent. We take walking field trips to nearby sites and use a contracted transportation service for other trips. Occasionally preschool and pre-k classrooms may take a walking field trip next door to the nature trail.

Do you transport children to and from school?

We walk kindergarten children to school next door and use a contracted transportation service to take our older students to other New Albany school buildings. We do not transport children to other schools or to and from their homes.

Do you have a religious affiliation?

No, we value our diversity and respect the beliefs of our families. If a child needs to engage in a religious practice while at Ready Set Grow, please discuss with an administrator so we can do our best to accommodate the child in comfort.

What is your discipline policy?

We approach children's behaviors and misbehavior with respect and as opportunities for learning and growth. We emphasize problem-solving with teachers and peers. At all times, we seek to teach and encourage. Our complete discipline policy can be found in our Family Handbook.


How can I communicate with my child's teachers during the day?

As you can imagine, teachers are very busy in classrooms and can't often take time away from children to answer emails or other typical "office" communications. The best way to communicate with teachers is by calling the center. An administrator will know if a teacher is available to speak with you or can relay messages for you. Teachers will provide information throughout the day using our daily communication app.

What methods do you use to communicate with families?

Because we value our relationships with families, we prioritize daily informal conversation at drop off and pick up times. Our more formal communication methods include: our daily communication app, email, Facebook messages, and our monthly electronic newsletter.

Do you have parent-teacher conferences?

Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled twice per year, but you can schedule a time to talk with your child's teacher anytime at your convenience.