Early Preschool

Capable. Assertive. Joyful.

“Me do it!” Children in their third year of life are asserting their independence and enjoy doing things “all by themselves.” While sometimes known for their more “terrible” qualities, two-year-olds are quite charming and funny, enjoying a good joke, silly song, or funny story. Our Early Preschool classrooms are designed to provide children with greater challenges and independence using all elements of the High Scope curriculum to provide small group experiences, large group experiences, and self-directed play.

Teachers plan the environment to include opportunities for literacy and math exploration, scientific discovery, creative experiences, sensory play, and pretend play. Small group experiences focus on pre-academic skills and our “Read It Once Again” curriculum emphasizes emerging literacy development. Early Preschool children enjoy time on the playground daily and physical education in the gym weekly. They also participate in a monthly visit from our storyteller.

Our goals for Early Preschoolers:

  • Engage in conversation with adults and peers
  • Use real and made-up rhyming words
  • Identify beginning letter of own name and classmates’ names
  • Identify the meaning of common symbols
  • Write letter-like forms
  • Count up to 10 objects
  • Recognize and name two-dimensional shapes
  • Use measurement terms in everyday speech
  • Recognize simple patterns
  • Identify things as same and different
  • Describe changes in objects and situations
  • Use yesterday and tomorrow to refer to things in the past or future
  • Play with others using words and actions
  • Take on the role of family or community helpers in pretend play
  • Name emotions and explain reasons for them
  • Use art materials freely
  • Explore making sounds with simple musical instruments
  • Move body in a variety of ways such as jumping and galloping
  • Transition through the daily routine with some assistance
  • Request adult help to solve a problem
  • Make a simple plan and follow through