Happy Feet Soccer

Happy Feet is a professionally developed child fitness soccer program based on 25 years of youth coaching experience. Happy Feet programs are GREAT FUN and age-appropriate. Happy feet coaches come to our facility once per week for ultimate convenience, safety and savings.

Happy Feet Instructors use stories, songs, nursery rhymes, and fun games designed to:

  • Captivate and entertain
  • Teach creative soccer techniques
  • Enhance motor development
  • Develop social skills
  • Develop self-esteem
  • Give your child a great head start toward a healthy, happy and successful lifestyle

Parent Benefits:

  • Save time. There’s no driving and waiting. The evening is free of one extra activity.
  • Don’t have to leave work early to drive your child somewhere.
  • Reduce stress. One less thing to do, one less place to be
  • Happy Feet is safe
  • Classes run month to month year round.

Happy Feet Programs

Little Toes (Ages 2-3)

No two sessions are alike. All children have a ball. Every session is fresh and dynamic! Your little one will participate in exciting stories, creative songs, nursery rhymes and fun games trigger the imagination. Each child becomes “a soccer star in an imagined movie”. This captivating approach teaches your toddler advanced motor skills.

Big Toes (Ages 4-5)

In this stage we introduce your child to key concepts and new skills, cooperation and goal setting. Your child learns valuable lessons for all areas of life. All children have a ball for maximum skill. We make use of fun props and play more advanced games. The kids learn some of the most difficult shots & moves in soccer. Your child will have fun and develop creative motor skills in a non-competitive way.

Happy Feet/Legends (Ages 6,7,8,&9)

Each session involves creative soccer activities with a ball. Happy Feet/Legends  players learn to perform some of soccer’s most difficult moves and goal scoring techniques with opposition. Your protege is gradually exposed to manageable pressure to enhance deceptive dribbling and ball striking skills. In this crucial stage your child develops the will to embrace intelligent risk. Your child also learns the self-belief to be a play maker and ball wizard.