Spanish Immersion

At Columbus Language Academy LLC, we understand that kids like to have fun!  We also realize that there are lifelong benefits of learning a second (or third!) language at a young age.  So, we have combined these two ideas to create a program that makes learning Spanish fun for kids!

Our innovative method encourages young children to interact and learn Spanish in much the same way that they are learning their native English… through play!

Your child will have fun learning Spanish expressions and vocabulary through songs, stories, puppets and games!

Why Enroll?

Children naturally absorb language, and those who learn a foreign language in early childhood can benefit from:

  • Better pronunciation and accent
  • Stronger math & problem solving skills
  • Introduction to other cultures
  • Increased creativity
  • Improved critical thinking
  • Greater ease & fluency in the language
  • A base for learning additional languages in the future

How It Works

Classes are conducted in Spanish to provide an immersion experience with the language. Small group classes are conducted once a week for 30 minutes, at Ready Set Grow! There are 33 scheduled classes from September through May.

The cost is $45 per month. Payment is processed on the 15th of the month prior to classes. We accept all major credit cards.

Please note that if the New Albany Plain Local Schools and/or your local school district is closed, due to weather/emergency, Spanish class will be cancelled as well. Make-up classes will not be scheduled for these days or for the days noted on the calendar above. In the event of multiple snow days, make-up classes may be scheduled at the discretion of Columbus Language Academy LLC, but are not guaranteed. No refunds will be issued.