Tap & Tumble

At Tap And Tumble, we offer classes focusing on various creative movement activities. All of our activities help the social and academic development of children. Kids learn best when they are having fun! We tailor our lessons to each child’s unique learning style. Our kids enjoy the hand-on activities that Tap And Tumble provides each week.

Our programs include:

  • Creative Dance – designed to introduce the basics of dance to both boy and girls ages 3 – 6, through the use of creative movement. Dance uses rhythm, aural skills, and gives the children the chance to express themselves through concepts learned, both emotionally and cognitively.
  • Tumbling – is the basis for all gymnastics movements and stunts. Our program develops motor skills, coordination and imagination as our instructors teach the basic skills of front rolls, straddle rolls, and cartwheels. Your child will gain balance, flexibility, strength and socialization through participating in our tumbling class.
  • Gymnastics – Preschool Gymnastics classes are taught developmentally appropriate gymnastics skills with the direct aim of enhancing social skills, gross motor skills, and coordination. Class begins with a fun warm up of aerobics, stretches, body positions, and listening skills. Our preschool program is a spectacular way for your child to learn basic locomotive movements and gymnastics while building a healthy self esteem. Our program incoporates the use of tumbling mats, balance beams and trampolines and other fun props.
  • Tap and Ballet – the emphasis in our tap & ballet classes is on developing musicality and rhythm while expressing creativity through body movements. Our classes introduce and review the basics of tap & ballet as well as the fundamental skills, body control and discipline needed to teach your child through age appropriate instruction.
  • Sports Program – our programs are designed to encourage your children to participate and learn the basic fundamentals, techniques, and rules of the game. We provide all of the necessary equipment for your child to grow as a young athlete and into your community sports teams. The program includes soccer, t-ball, basketball, floor hockey, bowling, and track & field.
  • Spring Recitals – Tap And Tumble provides an opportunity for all of its students to exhibit all the skills and techniques they have learned through the year in dance, gymnastics and tumbling programs during the spring. We hold our recitals at local venues for all participating families and friends to come and watch their little gymnasts, tumblers, and dancers show off their moves. This is a very proud time for both children and families!