Infant Care

Safe. Nurturing. Stimulating.

Infants are growing in all developmental areas at an amazing rate. They need safe spaces to explore, nurturing adult interactions to build secure attachment, and stimulating materials and activities to learn and grow. By first building healthy relationships with each family, our infant teachers develop an understanding of individual temperaments and respond to each infant’s unique cues.

Teachers build on this understanding to select just the right toys, books, music and activities for each infant’s development. A large, comfortable play area makes it possible for infants to move freely, practice motor skills, and engage socially with teachers and peers. Infants also enjoy indoor and outdoor buggy rides, and time on the playground during mild weather.

Our goals for infants:

  • Attend to speaking and singing
  • Respond to simple verbal requests
  • Use simple gestures to communicate
  • Babble and say some simple, familiar words
  • Look at or point at familiar objects when named
  • Explore objects in many different ways
  • Move with persistence to reach a desired object or person
  • Find simply hidden objects
  • Sit without assistance
  • Crawl
  • Begin developing skills for standing and walking
  • Use a pincer grasp to pick up small objects
  • Put objects in and take objects out of containers
  • Bang two objects together
  • Feed self with fingers
  • Help with routines, like extending an arm when getting dressed
  • Make marks with a variety of art materials
  • Respond to music by moving whole body