Imaginative. Independent. Competent.

Before you know it, your funny, easy-going three-year-old becomes a dynamo of energy, ambition, ideas, imagination, and boundary-pushing behavior. Four-year-olds have developed quite a bit of competence and independence, and they’re ready to show the world! The Pre-K year highlights a tremendous growth of imaginative ideas expressed in words, creative art, and actions. Pre-K children are ready to apply their knowledge to the world and explore tougher challenges.

Our High Scope curriculum provides them the opportunity to explore their own interests and work on projects with friends during self-directed play. Teacher constructed small group and large group times focus on literacy, math, science and the arts. Our “Read It Once Again” curriculum supports children’s growth in pre-academic skills. At the end of the Pre-K year, our children are prepared academically and socially for success in kindergarten and beyond.

Our goals for Pre-Kindergarten:

  • Engage in complex conversation with adults and peers
  • Identify all alphabet letters
  • Identify the beginning and ending sounds of words
  • Read a few common words in print
  • Retell the sequence of a story
  • Write a few common words for a purpose
  • Count up to 30 objects using one-to-one correspondence
  • Compare quantities
  • Name basic three-dimensional shapes
  • Measure with at least two different units
  • Create complex patterns
  • Interpret and apply data
  • Sort items based on multiple attributes
  • Apply conclusions to new experiences
  • Use technology to assist in daily tasks
  • Navigate using a simple map
  • Perform in a group dramatization
  • Sing a complex song
  • Connect artistic features to feelings and ideas
  • Know basic safety rules
  • Use a tripod grasp
  • Cut with some precision
  • Combine movements to complete an action
  • Negotiate a conflict with a peer
  • Plan and complete a project over multiple days