School Age Summer Camp – Summer Blast

Have a blast this summer!

Summer Blast brings together all the best parts of summer for school-age kids: experiencing great places to go and interesting things to do in the Central Ohio area; spending time outdoors at the park and the pool; exploring creative arts, cooking, science and technology; reading and relaxing; and hanging out with friends.

Summer Blast is open to students who have completed kindergarten through fifth grade: they don’t have to be enrolled in our Before and After School program to join us for Summer Blast. Multiple age groups help younger and older kids experience the summer at a pace just right for them.

Experienced fulltime staff, along with summer seasonal staff, prioritize safety and security, foster a positive group atmosphere, and plan for a variety of experiences to spark the interests of each individual. They truly make each summer a blast!

Our goals for Summer Blast:

  • Create a relaxed learning space with a variety of open-ended materials to enhance students’ individual interests
  • Plan a variety of field trips to introduce new ideas and enhance learning
  • Provide creative arts materials and support creativity across domains
  • Encourage summer reading and writing
  • Provide plenty of time for movement, group games, swimming and outdoor play
  • Encourage students’ input into activity planning
  • Support a positive group atmosphere and healthy friendships
  • Encourage effective problem-solving skills
  • Work cooperatively as a group
  • Promote health and well-being by providing healthy meals and snacks, and time to relax

Click here for Summer Camp details and more information on how to enroll!