Toddler Care

Active. Exploring. Discovering.

Crawling, walking, talking! The second year of life is full of exciting developmental milestones. As children enter this time, they begin to explore the boundaries established by parents and familiar teachers, stretching their own physical and developmental limits.

Our teachers provide an environment with plenty of interesting new materials to explore, encouraging toddlers’ natural curiosity and growing independence. They support toddlers’ first ventures into peer relationships, helping them begin to play together and problem-solve with each other. Toddler rooms provide plenty of space to play, explore motor development, and discover new ways to use materials. Toddlers play outside on our expansive playground daily or use the indoor gym in inclement weather.

Our goals for toddlers:

  • Use two and three-word phrases
  • Respond verbally to simple statements and requests
  • Repeat simple songs and rhymes
  • Say or sing alphabet letters
  • Verbally identify familiar people, objects, and actions
  • Look at books from front to back
  • Scribble and explore a variety of art materials
  • Use number words
  • Stack, line up, and group objects
  • Use objects to stand for real things in pretend play
  • Identify self in mirror
  • Walk confidently and begin to run
  • Engage in a variety of movement, like tip-toeing and marching
  • Fit materials together and pull them apart
  • Play alongside other children
  • Independently attempt to complete routine tasks
  • Name simple emotions